Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Time For #Change

Sisters and brothers it is with great joy and excitement that we greet you upon this day!  As many of you are well aware, the winds of change are amongst us. Indeed one can see change throughout its multitude of aspects in almost every facet of life as you know it. The door was opened in 2012, and humanity has been walking, stepping, moving, shifting into this new Era… this new time… it is a time of mass awakenings, it is a time for the exposure of secrets, it is the time of creation… and as sometimes destruction is an aspect to creation, we are also witnessing destruction on many levels. 

Most of humanity, and I would say this being the majority, have been in a slumber as to what is truly going on in your world… There has been a veil that has been laid over humanity to induce and maintain this slumber. Those who have been in power upon your planet and wishing to maintain control and manipulation of the human population and thus the planet, have constructed in intricate and elaborate web of lies, secrets, miss and dis-information that has been fed to humanity. The purpose of this web of lies and secrecy, like any other intent to deceive, is a means by which to gain some advantage over another... by way of omitting the truth, or by creating illusion or deception. This is what the" Veil” means… 

There was a time upon this planet when different groups and families of humanity lived in their certain parts of the planet… Mostly in the mountain regions high in the sky, the coastal areas near water and along many of the sacred locations on the planet. This is because the ancient’s understood what your Mother Earth really was, and so they lived in communion with her supporting her and consciously creating their lives with mother Earth. They understood and were in connection with the many technologies that are part of this Earth, many of which are considered advanced even in today's standards. These include healing  alchemic, and even time travel technologies. They understood that these technologies, the fruit of mother Earth, belonged to ALL inhabitants of her… these are some of the teachings and understandings that were taught to/by the great messengers like Buddha and Jesus.
And then there was a group of beings who have decided that they should be in control of these technologies, and so they set out to develop a plan of domination and control. The best way for them to maintain that control was to herd humanity into " cities" whereby they can better control what information was being told and shown to them… and so began the" Civilized" movement of humanity. The secret teachings from the ancients, were manipulated and replaced with much dis/mis information, and fed to humanity in the form of religions and cults.. as well as controlling the teachings of what is your history, the ancient texts and the information that is being passed down to prosperity, also the role of governance in society.  And as we move in to more modern times, the control of what would be mass media, the scholastic curriculums, the sciences… these are all the tools that have been used to keep the veil over humanity…

This is why we have spoken that the majority of humanity has been a slumber for quite some time, as to what is truly happening on this planet.  So as we are breaking new ground, so to speak, in terms of the awakening of humanity… so must the destruction happen. You have been witnessing and watching this for the past few years… the leaking of documents and practices that have been heretofore nonexistent to the public eye, the exposure and implications of the”Elites" and their puppets throughout the financial markets, the media outlets, the military industrial complex, the governing body, politics, and all of the other facets of society. You have been beginning to see that the very system that has been in place to supposedly protect and serve you, is the very same system that is controlling and dominating you.  So we honor these brave women and men who have been risking their lives and even giving their lives to expose these truths… To bring these things to the light… So that humanity at large can begin to awaken and take their power back. 

We are here to let you know that you are not alone in this process, indeed what is your Galaxy and all of the heavens are supporting humanity at this time. In fact you have never been alone… we, your Angelic family, along with all of your star sisters and brothers, have always been with you... working behind the scenes for eons. We have been waiting for this time to assist humanity and Earth through this Acesnsion process. What we have been waiting for, was the exercising of humanities free will. The time when humanity Will stand up and say we do not want this anymore, it is time for a change… we Will no longer Live under control and manipulation, we demand our Sovereignty. We demand our Freedom. We demand to know the Truth. And as you look around, this is exactly what is happening in your world today. 

Even in your slumber, do you know in your heart of hearts… deep down within you… that you are and have always been, much more than you have been taught or told that you are. Somewhere inside of you, you know that you are much more powerful then the flesh and bones that make up your physical body. There is a place in you that knows it is of God, that it is connected to the very Universe and all that is Eternal. And so these are some of the truth’s that will be coming to the surface in this year of 2014. 

We are bringing these messages to you so that you can be prepared to walk through this transition with Grace and Ease. Those who are losing their grip of control on humanity, in their last efforts to maintain that grip and thwart humanities awakening… will/are employing their usual tactics of fear, chaos, and subterfuge, but it will not work this time. There is a new Horizon for humanity, and this cannot be stopped. The time for change has come!

Practice calmness, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, and love with one another and yourselves. There is much goodness coming your way soon, keep an open mind and heart. And remember, All is well.

In Love, 


Friday, July 19, 2013

Love is the Language of the Future! :)

Greetings dear brothers and sisters!  Today we will continue upon the last conversation, which speaks about the tremendous and powerful tool that you have at your fingertips. That is your ability to create what you and your life is becoming. As we have mentioned before, what you have known of yourself in the past has been that fear or negativity has been the stronger force. And so one may not be as inclined to create, as one would be to simply survive.

As you can see in your world at this time, you are dispelling that old system of fear and negativity, control and manipulation, every day. There is the tremendous uproar and revolution against various systems and/or governments, people are standing up for their rights and the rights of others around the world. Those who are in unique positions, are using those positions to expose and bring to light many of the dangerous and manipulative dealings or practices being used. All around you are you able to witness the shattering and dismantling of the old negative system. And what you will also witness is that the new system that is taking form or becoming, seems to be moving at an accelerated pace. And this is accurate, for the new system of things will be much more immediate and manifestive than before. And this is because of the force that is powering the system.

And what is this force? It is the very force that is responsible for your own birth or creation. It is the force that is responsible for the wind that blows, the water that flows, the trees and flowers that grows. It is the same force that created earth and spins her around her sun, it is the same force that creates all things. It is Love!  Love is the language of the future. And through Love, are all things possible!  

What you may not understand about many of the happenings that are taking place upon your planet at this time. Is that they are necessary for you to understand the importance of choice. You see, if the old way or system were to simply disappear from your consciousness, and you are allowed to start from this point co-creating with the universe what your life will look like. You would never understand the role that choice plays in this process. But by actually witnessing the perhaps painful dismantling or falling apart of the old way or system, you begin to see and understand your very own choice in those things. Even though there has been a heavy undertone of hypnoticism and manipulation by those wishing to control. You were still presented with a choice. A choice to believe what you are being told or presented. A choice to speak your truth or to be silent. A choice to get involved or to look the other way. A choice to accept what your ego believes to be true, or listen to what your heart is showing you to be true...  And it was that choice beloved ones that has manifested that old system.

 And so what is happening at this time, is that you are no longer choosing that. You're constantly finding the courage to choose differently. And as you continue to find that courage to choose or be different, what you will find is that the fear or consequences that you would expect to follow, will not be there. And that is because courage is based in the language of the future which is love. And as love brings more and more courage to the forefront, what becomes clearer to you... Is that you are not the small and powerless beings that your ego, or those who wish to deceive you, thought you were.  

What's also happens is that you begin to take responsibility for those choices. Which is in essence taking responsibility for your own life. This is how the healing begins ...This may mean that you speak up more often, when you see something that is not right. Or perhaps you find yourself offering to help in some way, when before you would simply look the other way. Maybe you are taking more time to enjoy the important things in life, when before it was all about making money or consuming... For many there has been an awakening or call to spirituality, which may be the very reason that you have chosen to read this today... In whatever way that your responsibility in this matter is expressing itself, what you are doing dear ones is healing humanity... And as you look around you will notice this being reflected all around you...

This healing of the old consciousness or way of thinking is laying the foundation for a new humanity to be built upon. For those of you who have or are around children, it is apparent that they are not as tied or tapped into that old system of thought as you are or as you may have been as a child. The beautiful beings that are beginning life upon this planet at this time, are of a different breed in a sense. In the sense that they do not come with what we will call the karmic load that those before them have embodied with. As the old system is falling away, and we are healing those things within ourselves. These pioneers of the New World are coming to assist us in grounding in what is the new vibration for humanity, as well as teach us about following and listening to our hearts... They will teach us many things about manifesting in this new light... And so there is much to learn from them in this way, as they do not have all of the karmic history that is weighing them down spiritually and emotionally. That is why it is important for us to begin healing ourselves of this karmic load that we have been shouldering, so as to not stifle or hinder them in any way... And so now that the earth and humanity has shifted to a place where those karmic ties are not bound in any way, all that is left is to release those fragments of the old consciousness that is within ourselves...

That is why I have been speaking of choice. In every minute, in every second of every day,  are you in choice. And it is perhaps most important at this time what you choose, because there is so much that is available to you at present. And one would not want to waste even one second more, living in lack or suffering or inadequacy. And so choose Love! Choose to love yourself, choose to love humanity, choose to love life, choose to love the abundance that you are being showered with. So many of you, what we will call old souls, have had so many lifetimes of futility. Of trying to choose love and not receiving the reflection of love back to you. And so in a sense you have given up, that choosing love will ever be anything different. Dear sisters and brothers, I am here to tell you that it is different. And that it is different because of those many attempts at choosing love. Even though it may have seemed futile in the moment, or in a particular lifetime or situation. The universe works in quantity. You have chosen love so many times and in so many ways, that even though it was perhaps futile in your experience of it, it has been enough to shift this planet. And that is why you have been called light workers... Because as planet Earth has been, we will say cut off in a sense, from what is the flow of light throughout the galaxy. And allowed to experiment with this. It has been you beloved ones, who have had to "work" with the light that was on the planet... Healing it... Increasing its vibration and frequency. Extending its reach throughout the planet. So much so, to the point that earth, humanity, and this experiment, is now ready to move back into the Galactic fold.

And so past are the days of the light worker. And new are the days of the light creator! This is such an exciting thought form, and we will share more upon this subject at a later time. For now please understand dear ones, that every step that you take through the darkness. Every experience where you are moving through your fears. Every time you choose to ignore that little voice in your head and move forward with what is in your heart. Every thought and gesture you make towards oneness and healing. Every choice that you make in love. Are you creating light! And this is the legacy that you will give to humanity beautiful ones. You are creating the language of the future. Love!

Please do enjoy yourselves this day and in your experience of life, BE powerful and Be in love! 

I am you...


Friday, July 12, 2013

The BEcoming of You!

Good day beloved sisters and brothers! What a beautiful and exciting time is this upon earth. What a wonderful time of creation this is. What a fascinating time of BEcoming is this. We have spoken to you in previous transmissions or messages of the changes and shifts that have taken place and that are unfolding for you at this time. And so as we stand here, in what we will call the becoming of the Golden age of humanity... Do we speak of BE-coming. I am sure it is quite apparent, as of these times, that things, life, earth, you, are changing. We can witness this change as far out as what we will call the universe. The galaxy and galaxies that we are within. And closer to home, as in the planet that we live upon. Changes to her structure and composition. Changes to her climate and ecosystems. And we can begin to step closer in, as we witness these changes affecting our societies. Our governments. Our communities. And as we step even closer, can we perceive these changes within our very own families, our work environments, our relationships, and indeed our very selves.

What you are witnessing, beloveds, is what we will call the BEcoming. This is not a new concept, for indeed as change is constant, everything is always and has always been becoming what it is at any given moment in time. This is not a static universe, and so nothing is fixed or stagnant. It is quite the opposite in that everything is always changing. Growing, shrinking, moving, imploding, exploding, becoming. And so what is truly fascinating about this time dear ones, is the level of participation that you are allowed in this process. And more importantly, the ever expansive realm of possibilities that lie within it. This is what is known as co-creation.

And so what does this mean for you? It means that there is an opportunity to not only play a bigger role in BEcoming the you that you know you can be, but also you are in complete control of designing and creating what your new life will be. You see, the old system of things, was based in duality.. Positive and negative, light and dark. This means that there was always an existing opposite to everything. While there was love, there was also a fear. While there was triumph, there was also failure. While there was good, there was also bad. And so what begin to happen time and time again, lifetime after lifetime. Is that humanity begin to expect the negative.. This is where humanity chose to focus its perception. And this is, in good part, due to the machine of control and manipulation that has been in power throughout this past cycle of humanity. You see dear ones... you have been guided or programmed, we will say, to always look for and expect the negative. You have been shown throughout history, the negative affects of love... of trusting others... of believing in yourself... Your news, social networks, and other media are used as tools to keep this programming in place.. You have become so de-sensitized to what is negativity, that it has now become accepted as normal. When you are in a position to open your heart to receive or give love to/from another, your programming tells you to protect your heart for fear of being hurt. Or lied to... Or taken advantage of... And so this is how you have been walking through life... Hiding or protecting what is your true being or essence, for fear that something negative will happen.

Again I will say, this model only seems to serve those who wish to control and manipulate you. Who wish to keep you in fear of being who you truly are, and who you truly can be. Those seeking to dominate power over you, to further their very own agenda. Whether they be a spouse, a friend or family member, or a political or governmental system. I am only emphasizing this point so that it may become more recognizable as it appears to you.

This my dear sisters and brothers is a part of the old system or cycle of humanity. And that is why, as we stand here in the becoming of what is the Golden age of humanity, it is such a fascinating time. Because we are no longer held captive by the shackles of the old consciousness or system of things. Indeed we are now birthing what will be the new consciousness or system of things as humanity moves forward. And what you will see that will be different about this time, is while the old system was more focused upon the negative. This system will be more focused upon the positive. In fact the true nature or essence of what is humanity was always based or focused in the positive. You have been allowed to, we will say "experiment", with what is the negative side of duality. And as the past system is deteriorating and falling apart, so is humanity becoming what it is truly created to be, which is a species promoting and exemplifying love.

And all things are possible in Love! And so dear ones that means that all things are possible in who you are BEcoming! As you allow the old programming or consciousness that you have been born into to fall away, you will notice and feel what seems to be a new confidence. A new power. A new elegance. A new strength of who you are. You have always been this, but you have chosen to see and believe yourself as otherwise, and so in a sense you have been cut off from all that is available to you. Thus perpetuating the old system of fear and failure. But now as you move forward in becoming who you know you can be... You can tell that many of those old shackles are no longer there, or are a weakened version of what they once were. Within this new cycle of humanity you are rewarded for thinking positively. As you allow yourself to move through the illusion that you are somehow weak or inadequate in whatever way, will you begin to see yourself emerge as the all-powerful daughter or son of God that you truly are. And as you begin to understand that this is your true essence. Will you also begin to harness the power of the great spirit which is the universe that is all things and everything around you. This has been your gift from your Father, this is your tool in co-creating who you are and the life you can have. All that is needed is to understand the universal language, and all that the universe has to offer... Beauty, wealth, abundance, love, joy, peace... Will be given as you have asked for. Next we will discuss this language. Until then, we will hold you in our hearts. And we are always beside you.

In Love..


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What kind of Example are you Being??? :)

Good day beloved ones.. And what a beautiful day and time is it to BE in love! And what we have noticed about this time. Most particularly in the past weeks and month. Is that it has been perhaps more difficult to stay grounded. To have clarity of purpose and direction. To discern what thoughts and emotions are yours, and what is that of the environment that surrounds you. As there is so much that is in flux at this time, it can become easy to lose one's footing and slip away.

If you have been in experience of this, you are indeed not alone. As well, you are certainly exactly where you are supposed to be. Energies that are flowing upon you at this time, have been quite powerful as well as transformative energies. And even for those who find it easy to remain grounded, you may find that you have been a bit off of axis during this time. You see, it is much like standing on the beach as you enjoy the beautiful ocean water with the sand beneath your feet..  its waves pushes the water closer to you, and then it gently flows back into the ocean from whence it came.. As it makes its descent, does it take with it a bit of the sand that is beneath your feet. Sometimes leaving you temporarily off-balance as you regain your footing and prepare for what is the next wave to come in...

It is much the same in this instance. Energy or light is distributed throughout the cosmos in waves. Which results in what you may understand as the ripple effect. If you would notice this in action it simply takes one drop to create an infinite ripple. And this is the delivery system throughout our universe. Only it is a constant drop, and a constant ripple. And so we are always moving through what would be waves of consciousness or energy or light... or transformation and growth. And so as this ripple or wave, or as many understand it breath or round of Brahma makes its way to the furthest reaches of the Universe. Do the Angels, the elementals,  the sun and the moon, even the planetary systems such as your beautiful mother Earth, and all of the beautiful beings that serves God's children do their work in facilitating and guiding the stars and planets to be in just the perfect place as to receive and assimilate this wave or ripple of energy or light. This facilitating and guiding process, is what you will know as the solstices, the equinoxes, the changing of the seasons, the full moons. Much of what is deemed "natural" processes, are indeed helped along and nurtured. Just as the heart continues to beat without any thought or direction for it to do so, the means are in place to assist you in these things. And why would so many beings and systems be commissioned solely to assist you? It is because you are the beloved children of God, so powerful and precious in HIS eyes, that literally the entire Universe is conspiring to your benefit.

And so, as I have mentioned... This last wave of energy or light that has moved upon the planet, has been a powerful and transformative energy. So much so that many have been perhaps off-balance as your bodies are resonating to this energy. For some it has bought what would be confusion, for some it is a lack of motivation or inspiration, for many it has been a sense of ungroundedness. You should notice that it has been improving, and many of you are beginning to regain your footing at this time. And it is almost as if you have taken a nap or a short sleep of sorts, and awakening to find that time has sort of flown by. That is the power of this particular wave of light that you are moving through. It is quite creative in nature, and transformative in structure. Indeed that is why this is the energy that brings forward what is the process of spring, and the season of summer. It is the very same creative force that brings flowers to full bloom, and the trees to thriving with fruit and leaves... It calls to duty the sun, who acts as a sprinkler system showering earth with all of this lovely creative and active energy. It is indeed, as I began this transmission, a beautiful time to BE in love!

We are sharing this information with you dear ones, so that you may have some understanding of what is going on around and about you. And indeed so that you may take advantage of the beautiful creative energy that is flowing amongst you. And what does this mean, to take advantage of this? You see you are just as the flower or the tree, in that you may use these energies to bring forth and manifest that which you wish to bring forth. This is the fruit of your desire! And while the flowers and the trees have been created without choice of purpose, you, our beloved brothers and sisters... Serve many purposes. You serve purpose to yourself and within your very own life, you serve a purpose within your family... Your community... And indeed to humanity as the collective. And so because you are so multifaceted in purpose, you are given free will to choose in which, and in what way you will serve your purpose. Or whether you will serve any purpose at all. And because of this you are always at choice. And so in every moment who you are choosing to BE, is what you are manifesting. Who you are BE-ing will become the very fruit that you will bare.

And so it is very important that you are conscious and aware of who you are BE-ing at all times. To this we offer the guidance to BE In Example!  Indeed be the very example of that which you wish to manifest in your life. So if you are wishing to manifest gold, be the example of Golden. If you are wishing to manifest love, be the example of love. If you are wishing to manifest abundance, be that example of abundance. If you are looking for forgiveness, be the example of forgiveness. If you are calling for peace, BE the example of peace.. Are you being the best example of a Father? Or a Mother? Friend? Began to be aware of what it is that you are exemplifying in every moment... And what you will notice is that your life will bare the fruit of who you are Be-ing. So in this way you are taking advantage of the powerful transformative and creative energies that are flowing through you at this time, simply by being the example of that which you desire. And just like the waves of the ocean will carry you you on its back, so will this wave of love and light carry you to where you want to BE. If you can make this your purpose, to exemplify that which you desire, and everything that is love and beauty. You always remain on course and in balance, never losing your footing no matter how strong of a wave you are up against.

It has been my pleasure to BE with you in this way dear sisters and brothers. Please go and enjoy your day and your experience of life. And please do go and be the shining example of what you are here to manifest and bring forward!

In Love..


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Truth Will Set You Free... From Your BS!!! :)

Blessings beloved ones... At this time I would like to continue along the direction of the last message that was bought forth to you through this man.. I spoke about uncovering what is truly your hearts passion..Discovering that which calls to you.. And so in this message dear sisters and brothers, I would wish to bring further clarity as to this process... What is in the way of one discovering what is truly at heart? It is a combination of your belief system and your self talk. The belief system is a set of core principles to which you have chosen to live your life by. These are not always entirely of your own choosing. Many of them are planted into your consciousness through your parents, through your environment, your culture, your demographic, and indeed even your DNA. As you can see there are many contributors to what eventually forms the very belief structure that your life is governed by... And so it is not hard to see why discovering one's true desires can be difficult. You have been "programed" to some degree from even before your very first breath.

And so what was created for humanity was a system to keep in place all of these different and various programmings. This system dear ones is what you will call the ego. It is in some fashion a supercomputer capable of managing a multitude of programs simultaneously, while also taking in new information and finding a place for it to fit within the current programming. It checks for conflicts within your core belief system and presents to you the most logical response according to the given parameters. It's primary message of presentation is "self talk". You see, because the ego is something that you have created and given this governing power to... it, in and of itself, believes that it IS you. And so in actuality it's sole function is self preservation, which in its understanding, means that the current programming must be adhered to otherwise there will be unfavorable consequences. These consequences may be perceived as an emotional hardship, a physical threat, or some type of suffering... In essence your ego is protecting you from what it is perceiving as danger. And indeed, that is why it was created, to serve you in this way.

So to put this in an example dear ones. Perhaps you have been told by parents or teachers or friends, upon many and many occasions throughout your childhood, that you were not a leader. And so this "programming" was received by your ego and thus you, and then programmed into your core belief system. At this point, whatever ideas or thoughts that you may have, or situations that are presented to you in which you will be required to be a leader in some way... Will trigger that core belief within you, prompting your ego to deliver to you the "self talk" that this situation will not work for you because of this or because of that. And because you have given the ego so much authority, you believe that this "self talk" is actually you. And so typically you would steer a way from that situation which is calling you to be a leader. Again, how is it that one can truly bring forth what is in your heart... when the system that is governing you is guided by so many mis-informed checks and balances?

I say this sisters and brothers not to bring  unfavorable attention to the ego... Rather to explain its workings and its function, so that perhaps more light can be shed on that little voice that is always in your head. As we move forward in what is the evolution of humanity there is less of a need for what the ego does. As we are closing out this cycle of fear and control based thought form, and moving into what is heart based thought form... the need to have an ego or supercomputer to manage all of the different programmings, will become obsolete as you are moving from your heart space.. This is because your heart dear ones, is guided by a higher force... Your heart beloved ones is tapped into that Source of ALL, which is indeed love and light. And so if you are listening to and following your heart, you will be guided in all of your steps. This is why there will be no need for what the ego does... And so we must begin this process of de-programming the ego, and the belief system that is no longer serving us. 

While this topic can become quite complicated and even technical... I wish to share with you a very simple and effective tool for deprogramming your ego, and changing your belief system.. I'm sure you all know the term "the truth shall set you free". Let us look at this saying in the context of the purpose to which it was originally brought forth, in relationship to the ego and belief systems. Truth. Honesty, my beloved sisters and brothers is your key to detaching the ego from this mis-informed belief system that has so deeply affected this cycle of humanity... Dis or mis-truth and lies have become so commonplace in your society, that it is to some degree acceptable... even expected... Let us look at what a lie is...  Indeed it is un-truth, either by omission or fabrication. But why do we lie? Especially if it is not pertaining to any physical threat at that moment?  We lie because the truth, in that moment, does not align with our belief system... And so to protect us from whatever the perceived consequence may be... our ego, through "self talk", will direct us to come up with something... anything to get us out of that situation. We learn this as children, and eventually it becomes so automatic that there need not be any self talk at all, just an automated response or action. 

In the example used earlier... that same child who was presented with a situation calling her to be a leader, which was not in alignment with her belief system, will tend to lie to remedy this situation.. Perhaps she will say that she is too busy, or that it is not worth her time, or even become angry at the idea of the situation, and the list goes on and on. This is how her ego is protecting her belief system. And so it would follow that the key to deprogramming the ego, and challenging core beliefs. Would be to tell the truth!  Even if she were to say in response, yes I would love to be a leader in this way, but it is hard for me because I don't believe that I can. This would open the door for possibility to come in.

Every time that we lie, we are reinforcing some programming within our belief system. Otherwise there would be no need to lie... particularly when there is no inherent physical danger present.. And so as I mentioned in the previous message, begin to embrace the uncomfortability of honesty. Indeed it will be uncomfortable because it is your belief system that is telling you to lie in the first place. To this I say to you, sisters and brothers, follow your heart and you'll find the way... I promise you, you have only your imprisonment to lose, and freedom to gain. Every time that you tell the truth in the face of your ego/self talk telling you to do otherwise, you are in essence re-programming it. And what will happen is that as you do speak the truth, you will see that those consequences that your belief system has told you are sure to follow. Will not follow, and indeed the truth will open entirely new doors, to which you had previously not even known were there. By following your heart and not that chatter in your head,  you actually begin to train your ego to also follow the heart... 

And do not take lightly the one whom you have lied to the most... the one whom you have transgressed against with reckless abandon... that one is You... begin by being honest with yourself... by being courageous and loving yourself enough to go one step beyond that automatic response that always comes up for you... moving past the fear that jumps in front of you when you are challenged to believe in yourself... I will take that step with you beloved ones... This is your salvation... This is the path to all that is awaiting you... The peace that passeth all understanding...  

Lastly, I will temper this message with another saying that you should be familiar with, which is "if you do not have anything good or positive to say, do not say anything at all". Because your belief system is so complex, it does not only use lies to keep it in place. It also does use the truth. There are many times and situations where what is our truth, is used to keep our programming in place as well. And so to that, even though something may appear to be true, that does not mean that it is not based on falseness or mis-perception. If the very belief system that is built upon is not true.. Find your truth in your heart, and you will always be in the right place.. Use your truth only to encourage and to empower those that cross your path...

We love you and we walk this path with you dear ones. We are right beside you in every moment. With every breath. I do hear your prayers and am always listening. Please go about your day and use your truth to build each other up and to build yourself up. Remember forgiveness, for she is your best friend. And the way to loving yourself..